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Score of Pump you buggers Pump

The Cave Diving Group first dived in Wookey Hole Cave in 1935. Graham Balcombe, using standard diving dress on loan from Siebe Gorman, and Penelope ("Mossy") Powell were the first cave divers ever in Britain. These verses are thought to have been written by her.

O'h, Balcombe, as you know by now,
Is seized with notions queer.
He's diving on the Mendips,
And there aint no water there.
he called his troops together,
On the Waldergravian dump,
And announced his new intentions,
Shouting "Pump, you buggers Pump".

He covered up his box of tricks,
With canvas pure and pale,
Then tootled down to Cheddar,
And got Mossey out on bail.
"Now you and Ting must guard my store,
Or you'll have cause to jump,
So keep the frogs and Lizards,
Out of 'Pump you buggers Pump'."

He won a lovely diving suit,
From Distant London Town.
He tried to catch the tadpoles,
As they wriggled up and down.
Then moved he off to Wookey Hole,
Where Captain got the hump,
For Balcombe bust the telephone,
With 'Pump you buggers Pump'."

Some fat men came to BBC,
What Balcombe meant to do,
And bought their wire entanglements,
And left them there on view.
The gang produced the diving gear,
And stacked it in a lump.
The Balcombe promptly shattered mike,
With 'Pump you buggers Pump'."

So now he leaves us on the shore,
Beside his muddy tracks,
While he dallies with the mermaids,
In the green and limpid Axe.
But all night long we listen in,
And many a heart goes thump,
When he rudely brings us back to earth,
With 'Pump you buggers Pump'."