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Score of The Diving Gang

The Cave Diving Group first dived in Wookey Hole Cave in 1935. Graham Balcombe, using standard diving dress on loan from Siebe Gorman, and Penelope ("Mossy") Powell were the first cave divers ever in Britain. These verses are thought to have been written by her.
Penpalach is the name of the legendary 'Witch of Wookey' who was turned into a stalagmite in the cave.

On Saturday nights The Diving Gang,
a wild and lawless crew.
With ropes and pumps and scarlet hats,
and shirts of bavy blue.
Come thundering down from Mendip heights,
in Wookey Hole to pitch.

So call the Wingco quickly boys,
to chaperone the Witch.

Egad they were the toughest crew,
that ever entered the cave.
The Celtie's and the Roman Brits,
lie quaking in their grave.
They'd use a pound of gelegnite,
to open any niche.


The diver takes some holding down,
it's done with leaden weights.
His frightful boots are made of brass,
as safety first dictates.
His range is quite 400 feet,
before there comes a hitch.


On Sunday morn before they go,
they take a last look round.
And anything that's left undone,
may certainly be found.
The mermaids from the River Axe,
lie swooning in the ditch.


Penpalach sits and listens to,
the noises in her cave.
And wonders if it's worth the fag,
to keep her virtues safe.
She trembles as they thunder past,
and shout 'wotcha old bitch'.